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Nitro, WV

Let me say that to preface this I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and have spent the better part of the last decade in the Midwest. In 2020 I started working with a colleague from South Carolina and he would often talk about pimento cheese, and I’d curl my nose at it.
Well fast forward and I now live in Southern West Virginia. I was at the grocery store yesterday and happened to see all the pimento cheese. Now pimento cheese to me has always been that weird little jar from Kraft. I’ve never had it and have no idea what it tastes like. I’m standing there reading the back of a tub, and this sweet older lady who worked at the store asked if I was looking for “the good stuff”. Intrigued I said yes, she excitedly runs to the back and brings me out a tub of your original pimento cheese.
I came home and tried it right away, super curious that there was a kind of pimento cheese so good they ration it on the shelves.
Holy. Moley.
I am a INSTANT fan and absolutely love it! You have converted a reluctant Yankee!