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Our pimento cheese

 If you enjoy pimento cheese, and you think you’ve had the best, we invite you to try our version of pimento cheese…we call it Palmetto Cheese™. Born in the low country of South Carolina, this pimento cheese has authentic texture, homemade flavor, and is pleasing to the palate long after the last dip. The word is out…you can now buy authentic, homemade pimento cheese at your local grocery store. Palmetto Cheese™ has real Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese, it is real southern, and it is really good. Pick up a tub and you will experience why this pimento cheese is the best on the market today.
Wisconsin sharp cheddar palmetto cheese pimento cheese

Wisconsin Cheese

If you want a recipe to taste like something your mother or grandmother made, you need to start with a good foundation. Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese is the main ingredient in Palmetto Cheese and is what offers the texture you’d expect in a homemade recipe.

Quality Ingredients

Our pimento cheese has only the finest ingredients available. And, to give our pimento cheese it’s savory flavor, we leave out the added sugar. We use only the highest quality mayonnaise, cream cheese, pimentos, onions, and spices in our recipe. All of these are carefully blended to create a beloved tub of Palmetto Cheese!

Homemade Taste and Texture

The secret is out! The way to create a pimento cheese with homemade quality and texture is to make it with just like you would at home. We take pride in our unique recipe and give full attention to crafting the highest quality product. Granted, our batches are a little larger than you’d make at home, but the end product isn’t much different!

Endless Culinary Possibilities

Yes, you can eat Palmetto Cheese right out of the tub, but there truly are endless culinary possibilities with Palmetto Cheese! Palmetto Cheese is as versatile as it is deliciously addictive. If a recipe calls for shredded or sliced cheese, try using Palmetto Cheese instead and give that recipe a little southern style.  Below is a sampling of recipes that utilizes Palmetto Cheese. If you’d like to view more, visit our Recipes section.

palmetto cheese appetizer
palmetto pimento cheese potatoes side dish
palmetto pimento cheese baked potatoes
Stuffed Baked Eggplant
Bacon Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms
Cheesy Jalapeno Corn Fritters

“It was made in my kitchen, so it’s basically my pimento cheese it just happens to be at your grocery store” – Sassy Henry, creator of Palmetto Cheese