Palmetto Cheese The Pimento Cheese with Soul

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I’ve been eating Palmetto cheese for years.  Our family LOVES it and we just can’t make it as good as you!

My office is next door to a florist.  For several years, I’ve taken them Palmetto cheese sandwiches on Valentines day, because I know they are CRAZY busy and don’t have time to stop to eat.

Last year, after taking them sandwiches, one of the girls that works there called me and said “We just LOVE your pimento cheese.  I know you might not give it out, but would you mind giving me your recipe?  It is absolutely the BEST”.  Of course, I had to confess that she can just go down to the Piggly Wiggly and purchase her own! 😊

This week, I took them Palmetto cheese sandwiches for Valentines day.  When I walked in the door, they proudly exclaimed “Here she comes with the BEST pimento cheese sandwiches in town” 😊

Thank you so much!  We just LOVE Palmetto cheese!

We LOVE your pimento cheese!  It is SOOOO good!! We eat way too much of it, cannot be helped! YUM!!! My husband eats it as a dip with tortilla chips, we both eat it on celery or in a sandwich. Then sometimes I just eat it with a spoon!

And this is not an insult, but our dog loves it. The minute we take the container out of the refrigerator he is under our feet wanting a bite. So whenever I have to give him a pill I put a tiny bit of pc on it and he swallows that pill in an instant.

I prefer the original but my husband likes the spicier pepper jack.

Your pimento cheese is the best! Keep up the good work and we will keep eating!!

Thank you!!

We are from Myrtle Beach but now live in Florida. When living in SC your products were ALWAYS in our house, but especially around Christmas.
I lost my mom, who made Christmas so very special and introduced us to your products.
I was feeling so very sad and so very homesick yesterday, to the point of tears, when low and behold I found your product in Sam’s Club. I laughed out loud and cried so much the people thought I was crazy. Thank you for what you do. I know this isn’t such a special thing for most, but to a struggling family it was the best.

I am so glad I discovered your pimento cheese @ Kroger here in Athen, GA!! Talk about tailgate parties—Goooo Dawgs
I don’t think I can now buy anything but Pawley’s Island pimento cheese. Thank you

OMG did not think you would ever top your pimento cheese with jalapenos, but your pepper jack spread is the BOMB. Best cheese spread EVER!!!

Let me say that to preface this I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and have spent the better part of the last decade in the Midwest. In 2020 I started working with a colleague from South Carolina and he would often talk about pimento cheese, and I’d curl my nose at it.

Well fast forward and I now live in Southern West Virginia. I was at the grocery store yesterday and happened to see all the pimento cheese. Now pimento cheese to me has always been that weird little jar from Kraft. I’ve never had it and have no idea what it tastes like. I’m standing there reading the back of a tub, and this sweet older lady who worked at the store asked if I was looking for “the good stuff”. Intrigued I said yes, she excitedly runs to the back and brings me out a tub of your original pimento cheese.

I came home and tried it right away, super curious that there was a kind of pimento cheese so good they ration it on the shelves.

Holy. Moley.

I am a INSTANT fan and absolutely love it! You have converted a reluctant Yankee!

I can’t tell you how much our family loves your palmetto jalapeño spread.
Great for get togethers, & we always keep at least 3 in the fridge.

Thank you !!

I am 64 years old and have purchased other brands of pimento cheese…but I have to say when I came across your brand I AM HOOKED. This cheese is the BOMB! I just wanted to let you know….THANKS.

This is the best Pimento Cheese on the market as I have been buying your product for many years!  I highly recommend this cheese to anyone that enjoys pimento cheese!  Keep up the great work! goodness! We just had the pimento cheese with jalapeños for the first time tonight, and it was so unbelievably good I had to write a message to let you know GREAT JOB! I have disliked pimento cheese my whole life, but the Palmetto cheese changed my mind. We made it as the stuffing inside a jalapeño popper. Wow!!! Can’t wait to have more. Great product!

Please, whatever you do, DON’T stop making Palmetto cheese. Your pimento cheese is the only kind I have bought for YEARS!!  It is so amazing. I took it on vacation last year out on a houseboat. We grilled burgers one night and I put it on my burger and the next thing I knew everybody else was too and they were so amazing. There was no pimento cheese left over ????. Next time I’m definitely taking more. Lol.

Good afternoon. Pray all is well. I recall the day when I was dating my husband in Roxboro North Carolina and we would always stop by this little hole in the wall and they had the best palmetto cheese sandwiches. That was 1 of the highlights of my dating. ????. I recently said to my husband, I wish I could find the same taste that they had in North Carolina and lo and behold I did find the Palmetto cheese spread here in PA and it is absolutely delicious!! Thank you for bringing back precious memories & for making one of our favorites! Blessings from PA

I gotta tell you folks, this is by far the best pimento cheese I’ve ever eaten! I’ve made my own for decades but I still can’t compare to your flavors! So now I don’t even bother lol. I also use a half teaspoon to hide my dog’s medicine in each morning. She loves it too! Lol, she sits by the fridge waiting on me.
I buy from my local Walmart so I can get the 24oz size. I’d like to know if you sell an even larger size of original and if you sell bacon and jalapeño in larger than 16oz? I’m in Whiteville NC. Thank you again and looking forward to my hat and cookbook I just ordered tonight.

I have a huge issue with your product. I have recently tried your Palmetto Cheese with jalapeños, and there’s something in it that’s highly addictive. There needs to be a warning label added, it’s very addictive, buyer beware!! Keep up the good work.

Hello from Southern Maryland!! Just wanted to tell you I tried the Pimento cheese spread for the first time yesterday.
It was like having my mothers Pimento cheese spread from when I was a kid. The absolute BEST I have ever had!
Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to try the other varieties. Ya’ll have a great day!

I am new to the South and I just have to confess that I LOVE Palmetto Cheese Pimento Cheese with Soul! It is one of my favorite snacks. It is easy to eat, tastes delicious, and is full of Soul! It brings every party to life and should be in everyones fridge! I’ll have to try the Pimento Cheese with Bacon next!

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Jalapeno Pimento Cheese! Before my Mom passed away 2.5 years ago she would make Pimento cheese from scratch, it was the best I had ever eaten, she made everything with love so you could just imagine how good it was. I picked up your product a while back and WOW! It was just like hers with a little spice. Thank you for making such a great product, I enjoy it on eggs, sandwiches, crackers, chips, and just by itself. It is the only Pimento Cheese I will buy! Thanks

I was glad to come across your Palmetto Cheese original spread in my local Harp’s Food Store. It is so fresh-tasting and delicious! It has just the right amount of spices and flavor that it is far from bland. I could probably eat half a container if it because it’s so good. I will resist and save it for more sandwiches and other suggestions that you have for it on the container. I think I will try it next as a grilled palmetto cheese sandwich. I love the flavor…fresh, fresh, fresh!!!

Just a note of appreciation. We picked up a tub of Palmetto cheese today on a whim and are in love! Thanks for making such a tasty product. After finishing almost the entire tub for lunch today, we’ll be loyal customer for life. Thanks for all you do.

omg- as a former NC/SC child- pc and egg salad sandwiches were staples.
I just found your pc in my DC neighborhood- the jalapeño is amazing! thanku!!!
I was wondering if you thought about adding a dill pickle variety.
Growing up- we would toast bread for a pc sandwich, but added mayo, tomato, lettuce and pickles. (yum)
Just a thought. But thanks for reaching up to the DC area- I’ve been spreading the addition.

Your pimento cheese is the only one I’ll ever buy! Tastes like my homemade recipe. Thank you for making it a available at Costco, it is now a staple in our house.

Hi! I don’t often write about a product, but I believe feedback is so helpful to a company. So….. we LOVE the pimento cheese! My husband asks me to buy your specific brand and I never once tried it until today. Because I NEVER liked pimento cheese, until NOW! Just wanted to let you know, it’s the BEST flavor, and It’s so great to know it’s a home made blend that you were able to bring to market. Thank you! Julie

Your Jalapeno Palmetto Cheese is my favorite things I splurge on. Love it so much!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have loved pimiento cheese spread since I was a kid in North Carolina when my aunt made it from scratch! I eat the stuff they sell now, but always wish it was better. And then I found YOURS! All the way up here in Ashland, Wisconsin! THANK YOU FOR SENDING IT HERE to the Walmart! I am SO HAPPY! When I come traveling, I’m coming to Pawley’s Island and seeing y’all! Wishing you all the very best in life and grateful to you for bringing me yours! Blessings! Katharine

WOW…first time, but not the last time. Being from Mississippi, pimento cheese was a staple growing up. I just saw your product at Publix today and had to buy it…and OMG…YUMMY!! Just like mama and grandma use to make…LOVE IT…the original. Much better than what I can make…this is my new go to when it comes to pimento cheese!

I moved from South Carolina to Louisiana a few years ago. Luckily I can find Palmetto Cheese in grocery stores in my area. It’s a comforting taste of home. I wish I could be back in South Carolina, but at least I have Palmetto Cheese.

For years my family and my two sisters families have vacationed at Myrtle Beach. A few years back on a whim while loading up on vacation food at Krogers I bought a couple of tubs of Palmetto Cheese. Whole family loved it. After bugging the deli manager at the Kroger where I live in Northern Ohio a few years ago I finally got them to carry your product. I hope I was able to get you additional distribution! Kroger generally like to carry Kroger brand product ;( Hope all is well it’s zero outside and my golden retriever and I are enjoying palmetto cheese and a Bud Light. It’s all good.

Raised in VA all my life, all my family when you said pimento cheese .. cringed… so I never tried it. Then I moved in with someone, she said, girl.. try it.. I’m addicted and I’ve tried a few brands but yours, wow, it’s 4 am and I’m eating it now and I was reading the label and it said let us hear from you. Here I am and I convert as many people as I can to love it too.

The first time I had this, I was visiting Hilton Head Island with family. Not only did I fall in love with South Carolina but I fell in love with Palmetto Cheese. I was so happy when they started selling it here in Louisville, KY. Every time I eat it I think about that vacation.

Good god this stuff is delicious. First it was just a dip-and a replacement dip bc our Costco didn’t have our normal “keto-friendly” one. Now, it’s a staple in the fridge! I eat it on turkey club sandwiches, burgers, eggs, cottage cheese with bacon crumbles. I bake it on broccoli with additional shredded cheese. I top tortilla soup and chili with it. I add it to my take out Mexican food for crying out loud!

Thank you for such a wonderful product that my husband (who is really the keto one, I just pretend lol) and I enjoy so much. Thank you!!!

I was born and raised in Charleston, SC. this pimento cheese is as close to what my mother use to make as possible.
My wife happen to see this at Target and thought she would give it a try. It was a wonderful surprise. We love the name….Palmetto Cheese. It is impossible to find good pimento cheese here in Minnesota but this is it.
Thank you.

I want to tell you I met one of your representative at my local Kroger store and he was giving out a sample of this amazing Pametto Cheese…oh my goodness it is so Delicious! And like so homemade in anyones kitchen!! I am so hooked! Every week I shop I always buy some and NOW I am one of your Representatives! I tell other Customers about it when I am getting mine! Absolutely love it!!! Thank You!

When I found this pimiento cheese, I was thrilled! I had been looking for pimiento cheese, but every other one I found had high fructose corn syrup in it, and I don’t by ANYTHING with that in it. I buy the regular one literally every week when I go shopping. It is the best I’ve ever had. I make grilled cheese sandwiches with it, and I put it in macaroni and cheese to make it cheesier and add a little zing to it. Thank you so much for making this product. It’s delicious!

I was in my local Walmart looking for Pimento Cheese to add a little flavor to my sandwiches. I noticed Palmetto and grabbed it off the shelf to take a closer look. I am a native of Beaufort, SC so I was like okay, I have to support. When I fixed my lunch sandwich I noticed the creamy texture of the Pimento Cheese, and how easy the spread is. When I tasted my sandwich… I had a foodgasim in my mouth. This Palmetto Cheese is so delicious. The flavor is beyond what I expected. I am totally SOLD. The Palmetto Cheese is officially a staple on my grocery list. I am planning a baby shower for my Brother and his Girlfriend, and the Palmetto Cheese will be on the menu.

This cheese is the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I dont typically write reviews or go out of my way to complain or compliment but I just had to. You secured a life long consumer!!!

Hi. I just have to tell you what happened tonight. I was in Publix shopping. Very tired and ready to get home. I hurried over to the dairy section and grabbed a container without reading. After I got home I saw what I bought. Very disappointed I opened it and decided to make the best of it. Oh my goodness. It was DELICIOUS!!!!! I could not believe how awesome it was. Neither my son or husband eat the regular and they both liked it. One eating it on crackers as I write and one dipping chips in it. Where have you been all my life????? I will be buying more for sure. If you ever do promotionals or have coupons, please keep me in mind. I will never buy plain again. I can not wait to try your other flavors. Oh I grabbed the soul flavor.. Thank you again for such a very tasty product. I will be telling my friends and family about it for sure!!

Today I purchased a pimento cheese like my mom used to make. It left a warm glow in my mouth after eating it and the cheese shreds where not mushy. I really enjoyed my Friday cheese sandwich and really found myself eating it by the spoonful. I usually buy Prices spread and did buy that also since my husband isn’t too keen on change. I think he is a convert to your cheese too. I purchased your Palmetto cheese spread Original and will buy it again.

I live in a small town in central Texas and I hope I can find your brand again. Small town sometimes are limited. Thanks again for a great product.

I guess there is no question unless it is “how do you guys make such delicious pimento cheese?” Palmetto Cheese is awesome. I first bought some in Greenville, South Carolina when I went to visit my daughter who is a doctor there and was I ever hooked. Prior to this, I had been content to buy that at The Fresh Market…but, there is no comparison. Palmetto beats them hands down. I was very happy when it started appearing on shelves here in North Carolina…although only certain stores carry it. I have tried the Harris Teeter brand, the Whole Foods brand and Roberts of Wrightsville Beach and although Roberts is good, it still does not compare with yours. I haven’t tried the with Bacon or Jalapenos but I am sure they are good. Thanks again. Anne

I was licking the container and noticed an email address. I just want to thank you for this wonderful product (We started with the jalapeño). I bought this at Publix in my area and hope to find it again when I return for a few hundred more! Yum. Thanks!!!!

I have been looking for a good Pimento cheese in my area for so long! I’ve spent more money than I care to admit, trying different brands. I even tried making it. Didn’t turn out so well. Nothing even came close to the Pimento cheese I had when I was down South. I just bought your Palmetto cheese today and FINALLY I found it!!! THANK YOU!!!! I cannot get over how spot on this cheese is!! Great quality ingredients! The spice and everything is just perfect! I can’t stop eating it! Went out and bought Saltines and celery just to go with it. SO GOOD!!!! You’ve made this Northern lady very happy! Thank you!!!!

Thankfully we have a Publix supermarket that stocks your spread.

If I had three wishes and I was stranded on a deserted island, I would choose multiple tubs of Palmetto Cheese, several loaves of Lewis Bakery’s Hawaiian bread, and a gallon of milk. I know I could survive!!!

Keep it coming…MM

As hurricane Florence made it’s way to hit the Carolinas, I made a bee-line straight towards the Palmetto Cheese. I’ve always loved it growing up and I needed some sort of home comfort, while the storm was causing panic. Over the course of the 4-5 days my family and I have gone through 2 containers of your jalapeno and bacon. Thanks for the southern comfort over the years.

Literally stumbled across your Palmetto Cheese in my newly remodeled Krogers. Has it been there all this time and I’ve been deprived or did it just arrive with the remodel? OMG this is fabulous!!! Never, ever, ever going back to Pimento Cheese. I want to share this find with my friends but I also don’t want to walk up to am empty display case. Should I or shouldn’t I? Love this it rocks, so glad I found it!!!

20 years ago we were stationed at Charleston Naval Base. We fell in love with all things Charleston, and surrounding area. We had never heard of pimento cheese until we had it at a gathering.
Yeah, it’s one of our favorites now!! Not any old pimento cheese either. It has to be Pawleys Island pimento cheese! Mere words cannot describe how it takes us back to the Low Country. No one makes it as well. I always recommend it over any other brand, and I have converted friends to your brand.
Thank you, thank you for your product!

Just wanted to say that we just tried your pimento cheese for the first time and it is delicious! My mother passed down a recipe that I’ve been making for my family many years. I’ve tried every store brand our market offered but none ever came close to my mamas recipe. I have to say that yours does! We love your brand and thank you for making such a great product available! Looking forward to trying your dip next!

I have always despised Pimento cheese. A co-worker from SC talked me into trying a bite of Palmetto Cheese and I was instantly hooked. I’ve since gotten my Mom and grandparents hooked! I use it in everything! So glad we are able to get it here in Louisiana.

I grew up in Durham and now live in MA and two thing I missed the most Lance crackers and real pimento cheese, all my prayers have been answered. I discovered you cheese at Shop&Shop and I am in heaven. I am coincidentally vacationing on the island, a first, and you can be sure I will make sure my northern girlfriends try the cheese. I have introduced it at parties here since no one knows what it is but they love it. Thank you, Ann

I recently discovered your pimento cheese at a local grocery store in Middle Tennessee. With pimento cheese spread being one of my favorites, and having sampled all the prepared products the area had to offer, I had resigned myself to homemade versions enjoyed at a few local restaurants. And then I saw your Palmetto Cheese and I was in heaven! 🙂 It surpasses all I have tried previously, including my go-to local restaurants! And the most surprising fact I discovered was that it was prepared at one of my favorite places, Pawley’s Island. We stayed there every year as a child, and I ventured back a couple of times as a young adult to stay at Sea View Inn, of all places. I feel a strong tie to your product, as well as enjoying it as the best pimento cheese spread I’ve tasted! Thank so much for a GREAT product!

Kathy M.

I tried your Palmetto Cheese with Jalapenos spread at a friend’s house and fell in love with it. Shorty thereafter, I had to go to a friends and family gathering and did not have time to fix something to take so I bought three containers of your spread and dumped it into one of my personal storage containers (and pretended I had made it myself). I spooned it onto a serving tray with some “Everything Ritz Crackers”. The spread was the hit of the party. I did not get away with pretending I had made it myself because everyone wanted the recipe. My daughter was not at that gathering but I took some to her house soon after. The next day she and my brother, who had ridden to her house with me, both went to the store and bought more.
My grandson, who was at home on leave from the Air Force, came to my house and ate almost a whole container of your spread by himself. I think he inhaled it. I am planning to ship some in ice to him via overnight mail as a surprise.
Your spread is amazing and will be a staple at any gathering I may have at my home. My guests may even prefer it to my crab dip:)

Thank you!! This is the real thing, so much so it makes me want to go out and slap my mama. It is so darn good. I am so glad i stumbled on this at my local Walmart. I do not buy pimento cheese in a container and lets get real…what true southern belle would??? But thank goodness I took a chance and tossed this in my buggy. I am a actually enjoying it as we speak. I had to find out who that lovely lady was pictured on this product and why I have been missing out until now. Well, now I know and will be a life long consumer. Best of luck to yall as your business grows. Cheers, Christine

Thank You ! Finally good pc. That I don’t have to make myself. Tastes like what my Mother used to make with her grinder on her mixer. Always had them for parties and baby showers. Good quality and a good company. Please continue to produce such wonderful products. I love the jalapeño version.

I caught myself asking my husband to drop by Walmart and buy some of that good pimento cheese that he had bought one time. That is the first time I have ever asked for a particular pimento cheese product. I have eaten it since my mother used to serve it on toasted bread back in the 1960s. When he got home with it and I had made a 1/2 sandwich of cold bread and cold Jalapenos Palmetto Cheese, I said to him, “Nobodys homemade pimento cheese (my sister-in-laws and friends) has anything on THIS pimento cheese. In fact, it is the best pimento cheese I have ever eaten.” If I ever have to take a plate of something to a party, itll be your product on good bread. I thought youd like to know that. Best regards, Becky W

Palmetto Cheese is the absolute best pimento cheese Ive ever had. I love it so much. Im so glad my local store carries it! It reminds me of my best holiday cheese ball. It tastes homemade and it is my absolute favorite. Those other brands just wish they could make pimento cheese like this! Thank you for a great product.

My husband bought me this pimento cheese spread this week and omg. It is the best I have ever had!!!!! Wow!!!! I will be buying this again and again!!! I cant stay out of it!!!! So good!!!!

Holy cow! I was very suspicious in buying this because pimento cheese never tastes quite as good as it should – you nailed it though! Even better than my mothers! Outstanding job!

I have never written to a company to tell them how much I enjoy their product. For this Palmetto Chrese I just had to. This stuff is amazing and is a staple in my house after I enjoyed it at a friends house a few months ago. Thank you for brunging this product to my local Kroger. You have a customer for life.

PS, I never really liked pimento cheese.

Just happen to notice your product in Wal Mart. It is the best pimento cheese I have ever tasted!!
Great recipe! Thank you.

I grew up in the South but knew nothing about pimento cheese until a few months ago and could not understand how I had gone 35 years without this amazing food. My husband and I undertook a very unscientific experiment to find the best pimento cheese. Fueled by his expertise and my newbie enthusiasm, we tried every pimento cheese we could find, and without a doubt Palmetto Cheese is the best one out there. We are a few pounds heavier but so much happier now that Palmetto Cheese is a staple in our home. Thank you for this great product!

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your product. My mom who passed away 3 years ago at 93 made Pimento Cheese (she used extra sharp cheese) she would buy the red peppers boil them peel them for the pimento, with mayonnaise and a little hot sauce yours is the closest to hers and is the best I have ever purchased. The family goes through at least 2 containers a week, as a side note Ruths is a joke compared to yours. I have passed the word along to friends and family as well as customers that are in the deli section of Food Lion where I shop. Nice job and continued success, the saying “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID” your certainly not stupid obviously by your success, and you have done a great job with your company and Congratulation on the success of your business.

In my 36 years of being on this earth growing up poor on a farm I had never tried pimento cheese until now. And boy did I try the best there is. You guys have won me over with your delicious perfection called Palmetto Cheese! Forever a fan please don’t stop making it.

I have been making my own homemade pimento and cheese for years. Cant stand the taste of store bought. One day while shopping a came across Palmetto Cheese with jalapenos and thought that looks just like mine except with jalapenos, and decided to give it a try. I’m hooked. Its better than mine. Thank you so much for making such a high quality product. I haven’t made homemade since finding Palmettos. Keep up the good work!

This is hands down the best pimento cheese there is!!! If I were y’all I wouldn’t want others even next to it on the shelf, they would clearly be in the wrong place. There is only one. Very good! Will go without before I buy any other kind.

Y’all know we are now “ruint” on any other kind of pimiento cheese, right? If its not Palmetto Cheese with jalapenos, we wont eat it.

I only eat pimento cheese if some southern person has made it, until now. I broke down and bought Palmetto cheese and I am in love! I always looked at the other brands at the grocery store, but have you ever seen the color of their pimento cheese? Yuck! Thank you for such a great product! Its delicious!

Just tried your palmetto cheese with jalapeños in it. That stuff rocks. It tasted so good I didn’t want to stop but my lunch time at work was over. Wanted to let you know I have found a new palmetto cheese to eat as a sandwich or on crackers. Thanks for a great product.

I just discovered palmetto cheese yesterday at walmart. oh. my. goodness. it’s wonderful! where have y’all been all my life?!