Palmetto Chicken Salad

Just like the wildly popular Palmetto Cheese, chicken salad has been in high demand among family and friends over the years.  With a dedication to bringing only the highest quality products to market, Pawleys Island Specialty Foods decided to brand the recipe as Palmetto Chicken Salad after the “Palmetto State” where it was produced.

Made with:

  • All white breast meat as the main ingredient
  • Homemade taste and texture that you’ll be proud to serve to your family and guests

Palmetto Chicken Salad can be served as a snack, appetizer, or meal making it very versatile. Eat it with a spoon, serve it on a cracker, or put it between 2 slices of bread.

NEW PACKAGING – the previous seal has been replaced with a TAMPER-EVIDENT LID. There is no longer the familiar seal.

palmetto chicken salad


Palmetto Chicken Salad is available at Kroger, Food City, Food Lion, IGA and Ingles Markets locations. If you would like your store to carry Palmetto Chicken Salad, please ask your Deli Manager to bring it in on their next delivery.


Good afternoon!!! My mama made the best homemade chicken salad I have ever eaten. She passed away in 2001, and I haven’t had chicken salad as good as hers since before she died. Until today. Today for the first time I tried the Palmetto Chicken Salad (I think my local store just recently started selling it) and it is delicious!!!! It is JUST LIKE my mama’s!!!

Thank you so much for giving me a taste of home and mama’s kitchen. This will be a staple on my grocery list from now on – you may need to increase production. 😉


I just tried your Palmetto Chicken Salad for the first time and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to finally find a ready made chicken salad that’s not only affordable but made with real, wholesome ingredients. Most store bought chicken salads really don’t bring the quality, and they’re loaded with oils and sugars. Thanks to you, I can enjoy real chicken salad again without having to make it myself! I’ll definitely be buying your products again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • NO MSG
  • ALLERGENS? If you are highly sensitive to certain allergens (including any spices), we recommend that you avoid Palmetto Chicken Salad as our product is one of many various products made in the same facility.
    – Peanuts (Palmetto Chicken Salad does not contain peanuts. The facility that our chicken salad is made in DOES NOT use or create products that contain peanuts.)
    – Shellfish (Palmetto Chicken Salad does not contain shellfish. However, the facility that our chicken salad is made in DOES use or create products that contain shellfish.

Where can I find Palmetto Chicken Salad?
Palmetto Chicken Salad is available at Kroger, Food City, Food Lion, IGA, and Ingles Markets locations (View Map). If you would like your store to carry the new product, please ask the Deli Manager to order Palmetto Chicken Salad. The UPC code for Palmetto Chicken Salad is 896040001233.

Is the chicken in Palmetto Chicken Salad hormone and steroid free?
The all natural chicken used to make Palmetto Chicken Salad originates and matures on local U.S. family farms without the use of growth hormones or steroid supplements and has been minimally processed. In its fresh state, there are no added artificial ingredients, coloring, or chemical preservatives.

Is Palmetto Chicken Salad only available at Food Lion?
Palmetto Chicken Salad is available at ALL Food Lion locations, but it can also be found at your area Food City, Ingles Markets, Kroger and IGA stores. If you would like your store to carry it, please ask the Deli Manager to order Palmetto Chicken Salad.

How long does Palmetto Chicken Salad stay fresh?
The “Expiration” date on the tub represents the last day our product is at its peak quality of freshness, taste, and consistency. After the expiration date, the product should be discarded. Additionally, after opening the tub for the first time, it should be consumed within 7 days.

How can I get my local grocery to carry Palmetto Chicken Salad?
You can visit your local grocer and find the deli manager. Ask them if they can look into ordering Palmetto Chicken Salad and let them know it’s made by the company that makes Palmetto Cheese. We have put together a PRODUCT REQUEST page that has an info sheet that can be printed out and taken with you to the store.

Do you ship Palmetto Chicken Salad?
Palmetto Chicken Salad is not available for shipping at this time.

Does Palmetto Chicken Salad contain MSG?
Palmetto Chicken Salad does not contain MSG (monosodium glutamate).

Can you recycle the plastic container and lid?
Our containers are made of Polypropylene (#5) plastic and our lids are made of Low Density Polyethylene (#4) plastic. These types of plastic are able to be recycled, providing the resources and facilities are present in your community. Many communities offer curb side pickup or have “drop off” locations that will accept a wide variety of plastics, including #4 and #5.
As an additional resource, the link below directs you to a website which allows you to input your zip code and the type of material you have (in the case of Palmetto Cheese, Polypropylene #5 and Low Density Polyethylene #4) to see if your community accepts these materials and where you take them if required. Click here for more information.