Palmetto Cheese – Original

The one and only homestyle pimento cheese with real, sharp cheddar cheese and downhome southern charm. It has authentic taste and homemade texture.  Look for Palmetto Cheese 24 ounce at Sam’s Club.

What can you do with 24 ounces of Palmetto Cheese?

• Pimento cheese sandwiches, top hamburgers and hot dogs
• Use Palmetto Cheese in your grits, scrambled eggs, or on your biscuits
• Add to quesadillas, tacos or heat it up in the microwave and pour over nachos
• Use Palmetto Cheese in any recipe that calls for shredded cheese
• Or simply have plenty to snack on for the whole family

Other sizes available: 11 oz., and 20 oz.

palmetto cheese original pimento cheese nutritional


I have tried to enjoy pimento cheese my whole life, and even couldn’t stomach homemade from my Mom or Nanny. The local Kroger had samples, and I was hungry, so I tried it. Unbelievable!! That stuff is good! Now I am a fan of Palmetto Cheese, especially the bacon variety. Thank you for making a stellar product.

My first taste, I swear I heard angels sing.
I am a Virginian who has lived in New England since 1988. Every now and again I get a real taste of the South (outside of my own potato salad, these people up here don’t know real potato salad) and it makes me a little homesick.
Thanks for my new after work snack!

While vacationing in Wrightsville Beach last month we discovered your Palmetto Cheese…we were immediately hooked…on our last night instead of one last seafood dinner we opted for a toasted pimento cheese sandwich and sat on the balcony and watched the ocean. On our way out of town back to KY we stopped at Harris Teeter and bought 8 containers…can you imagine the look on family/friends faces when instead of bringing them salt water taffy we hand them a container of Palmetto Cheese…awww the looks were priceless!! But just one taste and everyone agreed it is the best they have ever had…I’m tellin’ ya it is addictive!!! Returned home and what did I find at my local Walmart…yep Palmetto Cheese…don’t know how long they have carried it…definitely don’t know how I missed seeing it but am oh so glad they do 😉

Where do I start? I am a military spouse and lawyer by trade. Often, we military couples have to live apart – it is hard for a lawyer to move state to state and have to keep taking bar exams. I did not want to leave the south. After my husband did a tour in Afghanistan, I decided it was time to live under the same roof, even if it moved me out of the south. I am from Alabama and so wanted to stay in the south but the military moved us to Va. I am now a government attorney in DC and so miss my southern gulf coast. I found your product at the Harris Teeter near my apartment. I could not believe I was going to buy pimento cheese instead of making it like my memaw used to (god rest her soul). The sweet lady on the package looks like someone my memaw would have known and it said real southern, real good on it. It tasted better than any I have ever eaten! You really brought a little piece of the south to me and now I am introducing my New York, DC, and Maryland coworkers to this southern treat!! Keep on making it!

Palmetto Cheese Recipes

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