Palmetto Cheese with Bacon

How could the taste of Palmetto Cheese get even better? Add Bacon! Palmetto Cheese with Bacon has bits of real precooked bacon mixed in with our Original brand. Palmetto Cheese with Bacon is full of flavor, texture, and personality. If your store does not stock PC with Bacon, don’t be shy, ask them to!

• Made with Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar Cheese and other quality ingredients
• Gluten Free
• Eat right out of the tub, on a grilled cheese sandwich, hamburger or use it in a recipe.

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Pepper Jack Palmetto Cheese

I hold my breath every single time I walk into the one grocery store that carries your Pimento cheese here that they will still be carrying it! I grew up in Savannah Ga. and my Grandfather would always have the sandwiches and of course it was always served on celery at family get togethers by my Grandmother.It is so hard to find a taste of home where I live as we are about as far Upstate NY as you can get! Thank you for your great product you make my lunches at work something to look forward to now!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I grew up eating my grandmothers pimento cheese on celery on every get-together relish tray, and pimento cheese sandwiches were my most-requested lunch. But the years piled on, and now I live in the North, where grocery store clerks give you puzzled looks when you ask where they keep their pimento cheese… Until today! I stumbled upon your glorious Palmetto Cheese in the Hannaford supermarket up the road, and I had to try it out. One bite, and I can feel the Southern sunshine and saltwater spray on my face — I am back at my Grandy’s knee, having our lunch on another fishing trip. Delicious, and just like home! I look forward to making my acquaintance with the rest of your products, bye and bye. Thank you for getting your delicious food up here — it really tastes like the South! :^)

I live in Massachusetts but I am from Texas and miss all things from the South. Today, I came across your line of pimento cheeses at the Westford, MA “Market Basket” grocer. I opened up containers of heaven on earth today. Original, Jalapeno and Bacon pimento cheeses. The absolute best I have ever eaten anywhere. I am telling everyone I know about your line and THANK YOU for making such a great product and getting it to Massachusetts! Love it all.

AMAZING… a southern girl living in New England! I am thrilled to have found this pimento cheese, brings back fond memories of LIFE!

I grew up in the south and grew up on Homemade Pimento cheese spread that my Mother and Grandmother made by hand. I remember them grating the cheese with an old metal cheese grater and that cheese spread was soooo good. That was back in the 1960s and occasionally I’d buy a tub of pimento cheese spread in the grocery store only to be dissatisfied with the quality and taste. Then one day I saw your brand in the store and purchased a tub. OMG, I said to myself, this taste just like what Mom used to make. I am so hooked on your product, it is by far the best pimento cheese spread and brings back memories of my childhood. Don’t ever change your recipe and I will continue to buy it.

Palmetto Cheese Recipes

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